Ringling School Of Art and Design

1985 Among First To Publish Commercial Digital Illustrations
David graduated early from the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, FL at age 20 and was employed by Gannett News as a full-time staff illustrator.


Ft. Myers News Press and Gannett News (USA Today), Illustrator

David was the youngest staff illustrator at the age of 20 in the Gannet network of over 100 newspapers, including USA Today. With a hiring offer before graduation, Ringling School of Art allowed David to take the opportunity for early employment and transitioned his professional job into a final semester internship for credit. This was the inaugural year for USA Today and was printed and distributed from the Ft Myers News Press location.


Andrew Wyeth Correspondence

1984 Andrew Wyeth Correspondence
1984 Andrew Wyeth Correspondence Shortly before the release of the Andrew Wyeth Helga paintings, David corresponds via several phone conversations with famed American artist Andrew Wyeth. Wyeth reviews some of Meyers’ watercolors and offers encouragement.


Among First To Publish Commercial Digital Illustrations

1985 Among First To Publish Commercial Digital Illustrations
At the age of 22, Meyers created digital illustrations that were among the first commercially published. With the release of the Apple MacIntosh and MacPaint, multiple illustrations were published in Macworld Magazine, the leading Mac publication at the time.


The Michelin Era And The “Bib”

1986 The Michelin Era And The “Bib”
Hired as the youngest Art Director at the age of 23 for Michelin North America, David was tasked to illustrate the iconic Bib (a.k.a. Michelin Man) as well as design, art direct, and illustrate posters and printed material for North American distribution.


Syracuse University MFA

1989 Syracuse University MFA
Graduated from Syracuse University with MFA Degree 1989. Noted NY Society of Illustrators Hall of Famers and Syracuse Instructors that Meyers worked under included these legends: Murray Tinkleman, Dr. Larry Bakke, David Passalacqua, Herb Tauss, Joe Bowler, Isadore Seltzer, David Grove, Thomas Blackshear III, and more.


David Passalacqua Drawing Workshops

1989 Syracuse University MFA
Attended the David Passalacqua now famed Winter Garden (Florida) Drawing Workshops. Participated in daily figure drawing and on-site reportage sketching at Disneyland, Orlando.


1991 Ivy Tech State College: Program Chair, Graphic Design

1991 Ivy Tech State College: Program Chair, Graphic Design
1991 Ivy Tech State College: Program Chair, Graphic Design Chairman of Graphic Design Department. Led the transition from traditional to digital media computer labs, 1991-1994.


Piranha Press (DC Comics), Freelance Concept Artist

1992 Concept Artist For Piranha Press (DC Comics)
An experimental division of DC Comics in the early 1990s, David worked as a freelance concept artist on Piranha Press scripts supplying several artistic directions.


Exit7 New Media House | NetTemple, Founder

1992 Exit7 New Media House | NetTemple
1992 Exit7 New Media House | NetTemple In the early 1990s, the World Wide Web exploded as the access and demand migrated from institutional (government and academia) into business and industry. David Meyers founded Exit 7 New Media House in 1990 and was instrumental in creating some of the first commercial websites in the Midwest. Exit 7 later collaborated with Redline Media (Los Angeles, New York, and the Midwest), Animation House (Midwest), and Fusion New Media (Nashville) to do work for Time Magazine, The Emmys, Paul McCartney, HP, Microsoft, Digital, Compaq, The Grand Ole Opry, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Gaylord Entertainment, Madison Square Garden, Live Aid, and more.


University Of Southern Indiana: Assistant Professor, Graphic Design

1997 University Of Southern Indiana: Associate Professor, Graphic Design
University of Southern Indiana: Associate Professor, Graphic Design, 1997-2000


Wood Diary Independent Film: Screens Globally

2005 Wood Diary Short Film: Screens Globally
2005 Wood Diary Short Film: Screens Globally Wood Diary Short Film: Screens Globally in over 50 film festivals including Russia, Thailand, and China. Wins numerous “Best of Show” awards. Stills from the film. In homage to the Andrew Wyeth aesthetic. Promotional posters for the film.


MusicPax.com, Creator and Developer

2006 MusicPax.com Launches
After leaving PYPLINE, a rival peer-to-peer platform to the earlier Napster and Limewire, in the early 1990s (Kauai, Hi), Meyers solely launched MusicPax in 2006, a free music aggregator platform. It has seen many iterations over the years due to the rollercoaster ride (legal battles, artist rights, DRM, etc.) in the entertainment and music industry. It finally found its place as a premier desktop aggregator for music videos.


Bellarmine University: Associate Professor, Communication Department

Bellarmine University
Bellarmine University: Associate Professor, Communication Department, and Fellow for the Institute for Media 2008-2010. Assisted in authoring the Master of Arts in Communications. Collaborated with MASCOM School of Communication in India in efforts to develop a program exchange.


Lindsey Wilson College: M.A. UX Program, Program Coordinator

Lindsey Wilson UX MA Program
Program coordinator for Online Graduate Program in Interactive Design and UX. Proposed, authored, and launched Master of Arts Interactive Design and Bachelor of Arts in User-Experience Design for online expansion campus.


Louisville Center For Design LC4D, Founder

Louisville Center for Design
Meyers founded the Louisville Center For Design in Louisville, KY in 2015. LC4D’s mission was to provide the region and the world with leading-edge training, children’s workshops, adult education and professional development in interactive design and computer science through local and online global instruction. We fostered innovation and entrepreneurship and supported students in the creation and development of ethical solutions for the Industrial Internet.


HCHS Alumni Hall of Fame Inductee

HCHS Hall of Fame
Henderson County High School Alumni Hall of Fame: Other notable inductees include Albert “Happy” Chandler (Kentucky Governor and first Major League Baseball Commissioner, Ane Crabtree (Handmaid’s Tale, Designer) , Greg Hale (Blair Witch Project, Producer), Don Carr (Musician), among others. Inducted for professional achievements and contributions to the arts.


SCADpro, Professor

SCADpro Professor, David Edwin Meyers
After teaching in the Interactive Design and Game Development (ITGM) Department for 15 years (both part-time and full-time), SCAD moves Professor Meyers to its in-house elite innovation studio, SCADpro. Meyers oversees collaboration projects for global partners including Amazon, BMW, CBS Sports (Superbowl 58), Deloitte, Ford, Capital One, Fidelity, Snap-On, Tencent, Trane, and more.